Here at Prevare, we pride ourselves on our ability to problem solve and perceive needs before a difficulty arises. Below are just a few examples of when Prevare provided customized solutions that was business partner required.

Project One

Issue – A high school on the North shore with approximately 1000 students was in need of wireless access for all students throughout the classrooms and entire campus.

Solution – Prevare started with wiring the entire campus to the central data center. Prevare then installed 75 Cisco Wireless access points and connected Cisco switches to these new access points.

Result – Prevare delivered on a future need by enabling the school to have two different networks on campus. One for the faculty and one for the students, which could be fully monitored by the IT staff at the high school.

Project Two

Issue – A college in Boston had recently acquired 70 new dorm rooms in an apartment complex. Each of these apartments needed switches, wired access points, and wireless access points to be installed while having all of this connected to the school network. The primary issue was that it had to be done in less than 2 weeks before the start of the school semester.

Solution – Prevare recognized that time was of the essence and therefore enlisted the help of a wiring vendor. We then programmed and installed both the switches and the wireless access points.

Result – Every student had a wireless access point installed and properly working two days before the deadline.

Project Three

Issue – A Multimillion dollar real estate firm with approximately 50 brokers and 25 administrative staff had 15 year old PBX phone system and switches. The firm requested a total upgrade and also wanted to work with a local Internet provider to bring in a fiber line into the building. The firm also asked Prevare to find a new CRM system for all brokers.

Solution – Prevare implemented and installed a Cisco phone and switch solution for the firm. This solution gave the administration more knowledge of call flow between the brokers and clients. In regards to the internet, Prevare worked with local providers to not only install a fiber line but also lower the existing internet bills. Prevare then recommended and installed Microsoft Dynamics as the firms new CRM.

Result – The firm now has a phone system that is interconnected with the new CRM. The new bandwidth speed due to the fiber has made the internet significantly faster provided improved call quality. Finally, the CRM system has allowed brokers to transfer information quickly and seamlessly thus improving productivity.

Project Four

Issue – A private school on the North Shore was moving from their existing school to a brand new building and therefore needed to move its entire network over to the new school. The school possessed an outdated PBX system that they wanted to keep and also needed to set up all their servers’ switches and routers. New wireless access points then had to be set up, as well as 25 workstations and printers. The entire project had to be transferred to be new building within 4 weeks during the final construction of the building. It was essential that the deadline be met in order to provide the school with IT solutions before school started.

Solution – Prevare had thorough knowledge of the dated PBX system and was able to move it with ease. The server’s workstations and printers were then setup and numbered for organizational purposes. Finally Prevare acquired and installed all Cisco wireless access points for the school.

Result – All networking, phone system devices, workstations and printers were completely functional and connected before school started. Wireless service was accessible throughout the entire campus.

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