Prevare Services

IT Consulting

A few hours of expert planning can make all the difference in guiding purchasing decisions and utilizing existing resources.

Backup & Data Storage

Prevare has on-site daily back up services. No matter how large or small your back up requirements are, we take your data seriously.

IT Audits

We recognize the need that our clients have for a comprehensive evaluation of IT performance. Prevare can provide expert analysis and recommendations to ensure your networks are efficient and running on all cylinders.

IT Security and Disaster Recovery

Prevare has engineers fully briefed on current hacking methods that can harm your business. We can implement the proper safeguards or recover any data that may have already been stolen.


Prevare is proud of its capacity to handle any hosting solution custom packaged to meet your exact needs.

IT Infrastructure Design & Maintenance

As experts in IT solutions, our around the clock maintenance and design can save you both valuable time and money.

Internet & Telephone Service

Prevare specializes in enabling you to stay connected through seamless and efficient internet and telephone services.

Managed Services

We are here to ensure your technology is working for you. Enjoy technological peace of mind as we proactively monitor your technology systems.

VoIP & IT Database Implementation

By perceiving needs before they arise, Prevare avoids downtime by implementing VoIP and IT databases that are customized to meet the needs of your business for today and the future.

Tech Support

Prevare provides world class level technical support. By constantly staying informed on the evolving technology and on-call engineers, you can trust Prevare to be your day to day technical support partner.

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Our mission is to provide customers with a cost effective opportunity to outsource their technological needs to a one stop IT solution. We strive to increase the productivity and workflow of our clients by designing IT systems that ensure systems run smoothly and meet business demands. Through the expertise of our staff, 24/7 support and an expanded data center, we strive to ensure confidence and peace of mind for our business partners.